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Frequently Asked Questions
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What does JAUNT stand for?

JAUNT is no longer an acronym, however, when JAUNT was founded, it was a nonprofit corporation, and its name stood for Jefferson Area UNited Transportation (JAUNT). In 1982 it became a public corporation owned by the local governments and JAUNT, Inc. was formed. So JAUNT is now the legal name, not just an acronym.

Do you only transport people with disabilities?
Anyone may ride JAUNT, but there are reduced rates for people with disabilities.

How much are my rides?
JAUNT has different fare structures for the different areas we serve. For information on your locality refer our services and schedules, or contact us at (434) 296-3184.

What can I do to ride JAUNT?
Simply call 434-296-3184, and press 3 to schedule a trip. If you have a disability, and live in or around the City of Charlottesville, please call 970-3840 to get an application for reduced fare, or click here for an application. If you have a disability, and live in rural Albemarle you can click here to get an application for reduced fare.

Where can I get my picture ID?
If you have received an approval letter to receive reduced fare, please call CAT at 970-3840 to schedule an appointment to receive your ID.

What holidays are you closed?

Only on Christmas Day.

What are your hours of operation?
They vary by county and service. In Charlottesville and Albemarle we provide service from 6 AM to 11:45 PM Monday through Saturday and 7 AM to 10 PM on Sunday. Check out our schedules for other counties by clicking here:

Charlottesville/ Urban Albemarle County
Albemarle County
Louisa County
Fluvanna County
Nelson County
Buckingham County

Will my ride still come when it snows?
Check your local radio or television station for JAUNT service information. JAUNT does not automatically follow the schools' policies. If you still want to ride, you will need to check three things:

1. Contact your destination to confirm that it is open and their street is clear.
2. Check to see if your street is safe to travel on and your path to the van is clear of snow and ice.
3. Call the JAUNT office at 296-3184 to reschedule your trip.

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