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Find Your Connection

Find Your Connection

Welcome to CONNECT, your public transit service operating in the Charlottesville region.

CONNECT offers affordable and convenient public transit alternatives for commuters from Crozet, North 29, Lovingston, and Buckingham. For more information on specific routes and schedules, use the links below. Stay tuned as this space gets updated with information on routes, schedules, pricing, new technologies, and commuter surveys.

CONNECT Services:

  • Crozet CONNECT – Workday public transit bringing riders from east and west Crozet to UVA and Downtown Charlottesville.
  • North 29 CONNECT – Workday public transit bringing riders from the Hollymead area to UVA and Downtown Charlottesville.
  • Buckingham CONNECT – Workday public transit bringing riders from central Buckingham along Rt. 20 to UVA, 29 North, Downtown Charlottesville, and Pantops.
  • Lovingston CONNECT – Workday public transit bringing riders from the Lovingston area along Rt. 29 to UVA, Downtown Charlottesville, and Belmont.


CONNECT offers affordable transit services with fares payable by cash or check. Mobile app ticketing will launch by fall 2019, along with weekly and monthly pass options.

Service One Way Fare
North 29 CONNECT $1.50
Crozet CONNECT $2.00
Buckingham CONNECT $3.50
Lovingston CONNECT $3.00

Emergency Rides

When riding transit, it’s important that you can get home in an emergency. Regular transit riders should register for the FREE Guaranteed Ride Home program. After registering, members are eligible for 5 free trips home per year. Register now to ensure peace of mind.

Commuter Parking

Whether it’s a late meeting, midday errands, or an after-work commitment, some commuters can’t take transit every day. Fortunately, parking savings are available for occasional transit users. UVA offers prorated┬áOccasional Parker Permits, allowing employees to park at work 10 days per month. Similarly, commuters traveling downtown can take advantage of Discounted Daily Parking coupons offered by the Lanier Parking Office downtown.