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JAUNT Friends
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JAUNT Friends

JAUNT Friends: Supporting JAUNT transportation services and providing fare scholarships
to the passengers who need them

Transportation makes a difference in people's lives. No matter the quality of the senior program, the number of open doctor appointments, existing job opportunities, any other activity or destination, people need a way to travel there. While most of our passengers can afford JAUNT's fares, some need financial assistance. Those that require help in paying for rides can turn to JAUNT Friends, a 501(c)3 offering two types of limited scholarships:

I. Donna Shaunesy (10 Ticket Scholarship)

These scholarships usually cover the JAUNT ticket fare for one week. JAUNT ticket scholarship requests can be made by an individual or on behalf of someone else. To qualify, a person must be a resident of one of the following areas: Albemarle, Buckingham, Charlottesville, Fluvanna, Louisa, or Nelson. A passenger may be eligible for two scholarships per fiscal year which begins July 1st and ends June 30th.

The application for the 10 ticket scholarship program may be found here.

II. BAMA Works (70 Ticket Scholarship)

The JAUNT Friends 70 Ticket Scholarship is available to JAUNT passengers who are struggling to cover their fares. There are three scholarships available each quarter.  The deadline is 5 p.m. on the first day of the following months: January, April, July, and October. Applicants will be notified by the 15th of that month.  The scholarship covers the fare for 70 trips with a maximum cost of $281. The application must be completed by a local professional (i.e., social worker, case manager, physician, minister), who has knowledge of the applicant’s current financial situation and need.

The application for the 70 ticket scholarship program can be found here.


“I think JAUNT Friends is absolutely amazing. I am so glad that there are individuals out there that can help us. You [JF] came through with flying colors! I am just so grateful.”


"Without JAUNT Friends, many of the consumers I serve would not be able to access the Louisa Employment Center, medical appointments in Louisa and in Charlottesville or other medical providers like the Health and Wellness center that offers medical and dental services on a sliding scale.. THANKS to YOU- JAUNT Friends, the members of this community are able to access safe, reliable and affordable transportation."


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Please see our "How to Donate" page for donation information. Thanks for your interest in JAUNT Friends!


"Friends who go the Distance"

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