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AVL Fare Payment Letter of Interest


RFP Garage, Conference Room, & Training Room

Garage Conceptual Design

Conference Room Conceptual Design

Training Room Conceptual Design

Addendum 1 - DBE Requirement

Addendum 2 - Submission Format

Addendum 3 - Bonds and Davis Bacon

Addendum 4 - Selection Criteria Weighting

Addendum 5 - Bidders List Requirement

Addendum 6 - Questions and Answers

Addendum 6a - Questions and Responses

Addendum 7 - Updated Timeline

DBE Results


New Website - Request for Quotation

17 May 2017
Note: the Website RFQ has been updated with new dates.



Procurement Documents:

FTA Master Agreement, dated 1 October 2016

JAUNT Procurement Policy, dated 2016

Virginia's DBE Directory can be found here.

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