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Rules of the Road
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Public Transportation for Everyone
JAUNT provides public transportation for everyone. In order for us to serve as many passengers as possible, it is important we all work together to make each trip safe, enjoyable and quick by following these policies:

General Rules

  • Customers may not refuse to ride with other customers.
  • Customers may not choose their driver or the type of vehicle
  • Customers may not operate any audio or visual equipment which infringes upon other customers' comfort or safety or impairs the driver's ability to transport passengers safely. Examples include: audio/visual devices others can hear, portable video games that have sound effects, etc.
  • Please observe the “no-tipping” policy
  • Service animals are permitted; however, other pets must be in a carrier.
  • No hazardous materials are permitted on the vehicle.


  • Children accompanying a paying passenger are considered traveling companions and may ride on a space available basis. Children five and under may ride for free, while children six and older must pay the full fare.
  • Children 6 and older may ride alone if a responsible adult will be present at their pickup and drop off locations and the child can behave appropriately.
  • Children 5 and under must be accompanied by an adult and must ride in an appropriate car seat.
  • You must reserve space for children when scheduling your trip.
  • Unescorted children will not be dropped off without a designated parent, guardian, or other authorized person to meet them.

Making a Trip Reservation

  • Make reservations as early as possible but no later than the day before you wish to ride.
  • If there are no openings for the time requested, you may be offered an alternate time, up to one hour before or after the time you originally requested.
  • If you have a specific appointment time or if you are flexible with your pickup or drop off times please let our Reservationist know.
  • Customers should allow extra time for delays due to traffic or bad weather.
  • When scheduling a return trip, please consider any unexpected delays you may encounter. For example, if you expect to return at 3:00 PM, please ask for a 3:15 - 3:30 return time.

Before Your Trip

  • All passengers must be ready at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled pick-up time from home. This policy does not apply to return trips.
  • We cannot travel in areas that are unsafe or cause vehicle damage to our oversized vehicles. This includes snow and ice-covered streets and driveways that are too narrow or have tree branches or other hazards that may damage the vehicle. Contact us for an on-site visit.
  • A reasonable number and size of carry-on packages are permitted. If you need further assistance please bring an attendant along with you to help you.

No Shows

  • We encourage our passengers to call and cancel their trips at least two hours in advance when possible.
  • When a passenger does not take a scheduled trip it is considered a no-show.
  • If you are riding in our urban area as one of our ADA passengers, please click here to read the no-show policy.
  • If you are riding in the rural areas of our service, you will be charged for your no-show on your following trip.

During your trip

  • JAUNT will wait a maximum of five minutes upon arriving at the pick-up site for most trips. Commuter routes can only wait one minute at each stop.
  • Passengers should meet the bus at the curb. Agencies, adult care facilities, and workshop managers must plan to meet arriving passengers who require assistance at the curb. JAUNT may grant exceptions based on passenger needs.
  • Payment of fare is required when boarding. Exact change is required – drivers do not carry change. Have your check, ticket, or exact change ready when boarding.
  • In order to ensure the vehicle will be on time for other customers, the driver will not make unscheduled stops. Call Dispatch in advance of your trip to request any changes.
  • All passengers must keep their heads, arms and legs in the vehicle while on board.
  • For comfort, safety and cleanliness of the vehicle, eating, drinking, chewing tobacco and smoking are not permitted.
  • An emergency situation on public transportation is rare, but to see what you can do to assist during an emergency and to view the professional training JAUNT drivers undergo, please see our Safety and Security on the Bus page.
  • Seatbelts are required for ALL passengers for safety reasons. Prior to departure, the driver can assist you in fastening your seatbelt. All passengers must remain in their seats and wear seat belts at all times (including shoulder harnesses when available). All wheelchairs must remain secured.
  • Drivers may assist passengers in wheelchairs up or down no more than one step. Please have a family member or other assistant available if you have multiple steps.
  • Passengers must refrain from abusive or rude behavior. Passengers who are verbally or physically abusive to the driver or other passengers will be denied service.
  • JAUNT reserves the right to suspend or terminate any customer's service in the event of hazardous or abusive conduct.
  • Consequences of unintentional misconduct may include requiring a personal care attendant, behavior modification training certification, suspension or termination of service.


Hazardous Conduct: An act which creates the potential for injury or death to any customer, driver or the general public.

Abusive Conduct: A verbal or physical act that is generally offensive and invades the privacy rights of others or touching another person in a rude, insolent or angry manner.

Unintentional Misconduct:
Unintentional misconduct is any act that would qualify as misconduct, but is the direct and immediate consequence of the customer's disability. Unintentional misconduct may also qualify as hazardous or abusive.

No-Show: When a customer is not available for their pickup during the maximum 5 minute wait time or when a customer calls with less than 2 hours notice.

Reasonable Packages: JAUNT drivers can assist with bags and packages that; 1. are under 30 pounds and 2. that can be secured on a passenger's lap or under their seat and 3. require drivers to make no more than 3 trips to your door. Please plan accordingly. If you are planning a large shop you may want to consider taking a taxi or bringing a companion with you to assist.

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