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Traffic Reduction
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Protecting our beautiful countryside and reducing traffic congestion are important priorities for JAUNT.

Our commuter routes are designed to provide Central Virginians with alternatives to driving alone. Commuters can save money by leaving their cars at home; they can avoid paying the high costs of commuting (such as parking fees, vehicle repairs, and gasoline) by choosing to ride the bus. JAUNT is an integral part of the traffic reduction efforts of the Commuter Information Team.

Here are some Traffic Reduction Tips:
The 5 R's of Traffic Reduction

1: Replace some trips with walking, cycling or transit and enjoy:
  • greater physical fitness
  • greater feeling of emotional well-being

2: Remove unnecessary trips by:
  • saving up your non-urgent trips and combining them into a single trip: 'trip chaining' only taking the car to work three      days a week rather than five
  • getting goods delivered.

3: Reduce trip lengths by finding a closer destination.

4: Remember global warming- If you want to help reduce global warming let alone air pollution, one of the best things you can do is to get out of your car!

5: Reciprocate for mutual benefit. Traffic is a collection of cars, not just one car. Traffic is therefore a collective or community problem (not a problem that can be tackled just through individual action) Let's all get involved!
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