Jaunt’s GTFS Data

What is GTFS?

GTFS is an acronym for the General Transit Feed Specification. The GTFS transit feed specification defines a common format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic, fare, and service calendar information. Learn more by reading the documentation for the General Transit Feed Specification.

GTFS data is used in many trip planning applications including Google MapsBing MapsRoadifyTransit App, and more.

More information:

  • The gtfs.org best practices page provides recommended practices for describing public transportation services in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS).
  • The gtfs-changes email list is a discussion forum regarding the GTFS and proposed modifications.
  • The transit developers email list is a discussion forum for software development in the public transportation space.
  • City-Go-Round is a directory of applications that provide access to transportation information, many of which utilize GTFS data.
  • Transitfeeds and Transitland provide download links for GTFS data for public transportation agencies worldwide.

Data terms of use

Any and all data is provided as-is.

Download Jaunt CONNECT GTFS data

Download a ZIP archive of the Jaunt CONNECT GTFS data by clicking the following link, Jaunt CONNECT GTFS data.

*Note: If you are using Chrome and have issues with downloading the data, please try to access from a different browser. i.e. Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.