Jaunt, Inc. and Greene County Transit Announce Transition of Service

Jaunt assumes operation of Greene County Transit effective July 1, 2020

Charlottesville, VA – Effective July 1, 2020, Greene County transferred all on-going responsibilities and obligations for operating Greene County Transit to Jaunt, Inc. including service operations, human resource management, public outreach and engagement, grant management, asset management and financial responsibility.

This transition of service represents an opportunity for Greene County to become part of a successful regional transit enterprise. With over 44 years of intentional growth and service evolution, Jaunt brings tremendous resources and experience which will be instrumental in helping Greene County achieve a more regional approach to transit service. At this time there are no plans for service changes or expansion to Greene County Transit’s current offering. However, in the coming months following a successful transition, the two entities will begin to strategize on how to proceed with the planning of service changes and/or new services.

This transition also provides Greene County Transit employees the benefits that Jaunt employees currently enjoy. Jaunt believes strongly in empowering staff and providing ample professional development opportunities. Increased efficiencies realized by a workforce that is encouraged to think creatively, grow professionally, and implement innovative ideas have produced operational savings that were invested back into pay increases for Jaunt employees. In fact, over the past three years, 30% of funding for wage increases for Jaunt employees came from improved efficiencies.

“I’m thrilled with the opportunities this transition presents,” said Jaunt CEO Brad Sheffield. “With Greene County Transit’s strong identity, history, and commitment to their community, I am confident that together we will do great things for our region.”

Jaunt has been actively working with Greene County and Green County Transit for the past several months to ensure a successful transition of operations. All existing services provided by Greene County Transit will continue to be provided, there will be no immediate change to any aspects of the service offered. The Green County Board of Supervisors will receive quarterly updates from Jaunt to ensure the County remains engaged and aware of planning and development of transit services to the residents of Greene County.