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Complementary Accessible Service
In the City of Charlottesville and Urban Albemarle County, JAUNT offers complementary demand-responsive service to people with disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Transportation at reduced rates is offered to individuals who cannot, due to a disability, use Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT)to meet all their needs. CAT offers accessible fixed-route transportation throughout the City of Charlottesville and portions of Albemarle County.

Individuals not able to use CAT and wishing to use JAUNT's demand-responsive paratransit service should complete a CAT ADA Application to be approved. Click here to download the application, then mail it, or drop it off in person, to CAT (information included on the form). For more information contact JAUNT's Director of Public Relations, by calling 434. 296.3184 ext 123 or by email. Interested individuals may also contact the CAT Customer Relations office at 434.970.3649.

The hours of service are from 6:15 am to 11:50 pm Monday to Saturday and 7:30 am to 10:00 pm on Sunday. The fare is $1.50 each way within the urban area. There are increases outside urban area, please call the administrative offices for more information and reservations at 434. 296.3184.

General Public Transportation
Members of the general public are encouraged to use Charlottesville Area Transit (CAT). You may also ride on JAUNT Monday through Friday. Fares range from $8.00 to $36.00.

Current riders can email reservation requests and changes to: trips@ridejaunt.org

All routes require EXACT change

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