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Safety is our #1 Priority

JAUNT, Inc. takes Safety VERY SERIOUSLY. From strategically selecting our professional drivers, during their training and throughout their career at JAUNT we are utilizing the latest safety and security procedures and equipment. We invest weeks of training before your driver ever picks you up and we devote several hours every 3 months to ensure that your trip on a JAUNT van is the safest it can be.

We can’t change other drivers’ behavior though we can react and respond quickly which is what our Defensive Driving training is all about. Whether it’s other drivers, bad weather or just expecting the unexpected, a professional Defensive driver always plans ahead and responds quickly to keep our passengers and themselves safe during the worst situations.

Transit Watch

Making your ride as safe and secure as possible is JAUNT’s highest priority and it depends on everyone working together.  Our drivers are professionally trained in defensive driving, passenger assistance, emergency management, first aid, and CPR.  An emergency situation is rare, however under certain circumstances passengers may need to be evacuated as a safety precaution or to avoid danger.

Police emergencies, suspicious packages or behavior, natural disasters (flooding, earthquakes and the like), fires, and collisions are among various situations that require quick thinking and action in order to avoid potential dangers.  We must always be alert to the signs of an emergency situation.  Your safety matters most to us, but we can use your help to keep JAUNT safe and secure.

If you see something - say something

  • Trust your instincts and report anything that seems suspicious to a JAUNT employee
  • Do not confront a suspicious individual by yourself
  • In the event of an unaccompanied bag or package
    • Do not touch the package
    • Immediately notify a JAUNT employee
    • Do not use a cell phone within 50 feet of the package

In the unlikely event that an evacuation is required, it is very important to be calm and listen to announcements or instructions from JAUNT employees or other uniformed officials.


  • Locate the nearest accessible exit – it may be an emergency door or window.
  • Look around as you prepare to exit the transit vehicle or facility in order to avoid hazards, such as smoke, debris and unusual substances.
  • Report anything hazardous or unusual to JAUNT employees or emergency personnel.
  • Notice others who may need help and offer assistance.  Children, the elderly and disabled individuals may require help from others during an evacuation.


  • Listen and remain calm.
  • Pay attention to announcements.
  • Follow the instructions from JAUNT employees and emergency personnel.


  • Move quickly toward safety, leaving behind large or unwieldy objects like suitcases, strollers and heavy items.
  • If evacuation is not possible through normal doors, use emergency doors or windows to exit safely.
  • Be on the lookout for hazards and people to help, and listen to JAUNT employees and emergency personnel while you leave the area.

Driver Training

Drive to Professional Service

JAUNT strives to provide the safest public transportation service available.  We maintain a constant high level of safety and professionalism that stem from our progressive safety and training programs.  As a result of this extensive training curriculum, JAUNT maintains an outstanding safety record.  In FY 2008 we traveled over 1.7 million miles and averaged one preventable accident every 91,949 miles!

Upon hiring, our drivers enter an intensive 40 hour driver training program that goes above and beyond other transit organizations.  Our CDL qualified drivers undergo classroom and on-the-road defensive driving classes at hire and attend refresher courses throughout the year.  These classes cover basic defensive driving techniques such as following distance, mirror use, speed management, and space management, but we also cover road user hazards such as dealing with distracted, impaired, or confused drivers, and road hazards such as construction, inclement weather, night driving, and bicycle and pedestrian safety.

JAUNT drivers must also take a Passenger Assistance and Safety (PASS) certification course that trains our drivers in special procedures for handling our passengers including assistance between the bus and their building, wheelchair handling and securement, and emergency procedures.  JAUNT is a Drug-Free Workplace, and our employees are subject to pre-hire drug tests as well as random and reasonable suspicion drug and alcohol tests.

If an accident were to occur in or around our vehicle, JAUNT drivers have successfully completed OSHA required Blood borne Pathogens courses and are certified in First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).  In addition, JAUNT provides training in Safety and Security Awareness based on Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) guidelines that covers suspicious persons, suspicious packages, fire safety, and emergency evacuation procedures.

After completing this thorough training program, new drivers are then released to pick up customers with the aid of an On-the-Job Coach.  This coach is an experienced JAUNT driver who has completed additional training to serve as a mentor and on-the-road instructor for the new hire.  After a few weeks of job coaching and the successful completion of supervisor check-rides, this employee is ready to pick you up and safely and courteously take you to your destination!