Jaunt, Inc. and Greene County Transit Publish Survey

Local Transit Agencies Seek to Gauge Interest in Potential Future Transit Services

Charlottesville, VA – Jaunt, Inc. and Greene County transit want to hear from the residents of Greene County. They are currently soliciting feedback to begin planning for service enhancements to enable Greene County to achieve a more regional approach to transit.

On July 1, 2020, after months of active collaboration and partnership with Greene County and Greene County Transit, Jaunt, Inc. assumed all operations of Greene County Transit. With the successful transfer of services completed, the organizations are now turning their focus toward the future.

Whether you currently use Greene County Transit or not, they want to hear from you. Community participation and feedback will be vital in their ongoing planning strategy. With the responses to this survey Jaunt and Greene County Transit can begin to understand the transit needs of the Greene County community and design solutions to respond to those demands. Additionally, the information captured in this survey will enable Greene County local government to include the community’s transportation aspirations in their overall prioritization of community needs.

This survey will take about five minutes to complete. People interested in participating can access the survey online at greenecountytransit.org or fill out paper surveys at the following locations: Greene County Administration Building (40 Celt Road, Stanardsville), JABA (222 Main Street, Stanardsville), The Greene County Health Department (50 Stanard St, Stanardsville), and the County Treasurer’s Office (36 Stanard Street, Stanardsville). The organizations will be collecting responses through December 20, 2020.