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Jaunt Friends makes a difference in people’s lives. No matter the quality of health care, the enjoyment from a social activity, or the wages from a job, people always have to get somewhere.

While most people can afford to ride JAUNT, some can’t. They need help to maintain their connections with their community. If we could wax philosophically for a moment: To venture into the world is to assure a soul’s dignity and independence, and, therefore, reason for living. JAUNT Friends, a 501(c)3 organization, awards scholarships to the financially disadvantaged, so they remain active in society and as independent as possible.

Contributing to JAUNT Friends is easy. Call 434-296-3184, ext 132, or click on the following:



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What if JAUNT Friends Didn't Exist?

A few of our clients tell what would happen to them without JAUNT Friends.


Without JAUNT Friends, I don’t know what I’d do. Their scholarship takes a big weight off my shoulders.

- Rickie Harris, 2018

If it wasn’t for JAUNT Friends, well, great day in the morning! I wouldn’t be able to see my mother, go pay bills, or go to the doctor.

- Mary Moton, 2018

The scholarship has helped me quite a lot. I don’t know what I was gonna do. I couldn’t go work, see movies, or anything.

- Deon Hickson, 2017

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If you or someone you know needs help paying for JAUNT fares, visit our scholarship page for information about several programs that range from 10 to 70 paid bus trips.